Concise Designer Satchel Ladies Handbag

Producted by home AITBAGS
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    $14.90/ piece
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    $11.90/ piece
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    $10.90/ piece
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01/01/2017 14:50
Trying desperately to find one of these in USA. Saw one at $27.50, but store was closed when we were passing through on a trip, but it is too far to travel back and they won't mail it. Can you help?
02/07/2016 09:14
Dear sales, kindly advise the cost & availability for the attached enquiry at the earliest. please provide us with your best lowest cost price. Thanks & Best Regards, CA 91766 USA
28/06/2016 10:24
" Hello, I am really interested in your product,please get back to me with more details. Glenn"
27/06/2016 08:08
"I’m interested in your product these tote bags,I would like some more details: What is the best price you can offer? I look forward to your reply."
07/06/2016 09:20
hey i m interested in your product can i get ur email and contact number and address. i want to visit your company.i need your products in big quantity.

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